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How To Drink Water


The Sigg Water Containing Device

I know I need to drink more water, and after the recent health disturbances, I knew I had to get serious about it. But I also knew that unless I had something unique and stylish and cool, it would be a chore to me and I’ve no hope of being consistent on something that’s irritating. And I proved that by spending a couple of weeks just drinking out of whatever glass I grab in the morning. I could never remember how many 12 ounce glasses of water I’d taken at the end of the day and normal drinkware is just so… normal.

Enter the Sigg Lifestyle Loop Top Water Bottle that I found from a local EMS store. It has definite wow factor and fits nicely into the same category of my now must-have Moleskins as combining function with absolutely beautiful and unique form. And like the Moleskins, there’s quite a following of these Sigg Water Containing Devices. They’re made from a single piece of aluminum, have some kind of special lining that prevents leeching and keeps them taste/smell-neutral, and come in a variety of uber-cool designs and sizes. Oh… I also learned that drinking from plastic bottles is not a good idea. Here’s a blurb I found:

A safe, stylish alternative to plastic water bottles, Sigg water bottles are a great choice for transporting beverages on your daily commute or while backcountry hiking. This ultra-lightweight bottle is extruded from a single piece of aluminum and holds 1 liter of fluid (33.8 ounces). Designed to fit your on-the-go lifestyle, it comes with a loop top bottle cap, which can be secured via hook or caribiner clip to a backpack or daypack.

Sigg bottles are virtually unbreakable and are constructed with no seams, ensuring a long-lasting, leak-proof performance. They also feature Sigg’s proprietary baked-on inner liner, which is made from a non-toxic, water-based epoxy resin that exceeds FDA requirements for leaching (0.0 percent) and is independently tested to be taste- and scent-neutral. Every Sigg bottle is 100 percent recyclable at the end of its life, and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

About Sigg
It all started with a simple hiker’s bottle. Today, the SIGG bottle has acquired cult status. What happened is a success story that started in Biel, Switzerland in 1908. Küng, Sigg & Cie. manufactured leisure goods, kitchenware, and electrical appliances. The company relocated to Frauenfeld in 1916, where it helped pioneer the legendary tradition of Swiss quality. Since 1998, SIGG has concentrated on its core business: drinking bottles that deliver ultimate customer benefit.

But, most importantly for me, my Sigg bottle:

  • Looks really cool. Mine is ultra-shiney blue and sexy. I’m the envy of the water-consuming crowd!
  • Holds 1 Liter of water. This means that I only have to remember to fill it up twice a day and I’ve had my day’s fill of water.
  • Goes anywhere! The waterproof seal makes it simple to fill up and throw in my backpack for a day out and I don’t have to worry about it spilling. It also does a really nice job of keeping my cold water cold for a long time.
  • Is different. Which means I like it. Which means I keep using it. Which means I’m drinking much more water now. Which means I’m healthier, yay!

Anyone else out there in Geek land discovered these cool bottles yet?

Author: Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper

My name is Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper. I am the ring leader of the amazing Kasper family. I am unashamedly a Christian Nerd. These are our stories....


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  2. Sigg clones were handed out at linux.conf.au 2008.
    Note the grey bottle in this photo:

    Interestingly, they are made by “backwards impact extrusion” or “indirect extrusion”, which is an amazing process:

  3. You did read the latest research which seems to suggest that drinking 2 liters of water a day does nothing for you health, didn’t you?

  4. Sure I did hear about these Swiss Sigg bottles : they are standard bottles for hiking, scouting and so here in Switzerland !

  5. Hehe, I remember we had a bunch of those bottles growing up. Of course they were all beat up and dented, and I was a bit embarrassed using them in elementary school (back when everyone had juice boxes, and no one thought of drinking water, let alone in refillable bottles). Now they are apparently the height of cool. It’s funny how that works.

  6. @Tony: thanks 🙂

    I’ve always believed that one should listen carefully to what your body is telling you. If you are hungry you should eat, if thirsty you should drink (although your body also accustoms itself to patterns, so eating a lot for a long time will make it difficult when you want to start a diet).

    In that light I always doubted the 2 liter claim because I really have to _force_ myself to drink that much water _extra_ in a day (extra because it would be on top of the liquids like milk, coffee and juices that I already drink each day).

  7. I worked as a toolmaker a few years back and one of my work friends was making a multi-stage extrusion press tool. It was quite amazing the amount of stages needed even to extrude such a small piece of material, though Aluminium is a lot more malleable than Mild Steel.

  8. @Brad Hards: Awesome!!! And WOW, I had no idea about backwards impact extrusion. That is SO cool!! =:)

    @Quintesse: Hm. No, actually, I’d not. All I know is when I got stuck in the hospital for the weekend, they were running water through me like nobody’s business and it seemed to help. I’ll have to look up the study Tony mentioned, though, if for nothing else than to have an “I told you so” discussion with my wife… =;)

    @Leo S: Heh. Fashion is a fickle thing!! =:)

    @Tony: HEY!!! =:) Thanks for the link! That’s interesting, but it really doesn’t give any new information other than to say that there’s not a whole lot of information. =:/

    @numerodix: It is Teh Sexiest Thermos Evar! =:)

  9. I’ve got one of these on order at a local outdoor outfitter type store. I hope to have it by the end of the week 🙂 I’ve gotten the red SIGG Touch 1 litre, since I hardly carry smaller any more… As for water, I find my body’s happier with about a litre a day.

  10. @Jason: Oh, I’m sure there are many occasions where it’s very good and even necessary to drink a lot of liquid. And having to drink a lot it might be best if a lot of it is plain water if only to prevent an “overdose” of other chemicals entering your body (drinking a LOT of coffee won’t be good and beer definitely isn’t and even fruit juices in large quantities is not advisable, but it won’t hurt if at least part of your intake is something other than water)

    I just never believed much in: 2 LITERS of WATER each day is HEALTHY. (period)

    But surely they will come up with some research that tells the opposite of this one hehe

  11. I read somewhere an article that suggests similar what Quintesse says but what it really tells is that this ‘8 cups of water a day’ is an urban myth. Nobody can tell how much of water a day is healthy for everybody.

    As Quintesse says, you should listen to your body and drink water often but then again not too often because it has been proven that your body and health suffers from too much water too.

    But it’s a good idea to have water besides you and drink it when you feel thirsty.

    P.S. Don’t get me wrong but I’m not your doctor and you should consult with your doctor before anything…
    P.P.S. Nice bottle though!

  12. I found that article! It seems to be for members only but it’s free to join: http://uncover.simpleology.com/

    You will get the article after you login for the first time (as they try to sell you something you don’t have to buy) but make sure to choose to go through the Wizard and then you’ll get that article (the article starts about some drug-free “body hacks”) but if you somehow bypass the article as you login for the first time, you can get it by clicking from the members area by clicking “Simpleology 103” from the right side menu…

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