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halo and motion sickness


halo So, I got Halo for the PC, got all excited about it, figured I’d spend a few days learning it, then take my game online and trounce any unsuspecting fellow halo-ers soundly. I cleaned off the hard drive *excitement building*, made room for halo *excitement building*, installed halo *excitement building*, all the while listening to the awesome sounds and looking at the incredible graphics *excitement building*, rebooted *excitement waning*, and started the game. WOW. Amazing!! The graphics and sounds and interface are absolutely amazing. I love how they help you learn by making it part of the story. The motion-configuration (look at these 5 places on the screen, now tell me, does that look good or do you want to change it?) was REALLY well-thought-out.

So far so good!

Spent entirely too much time trying to figure out how to get to the stinking bridge and find the captain or whomever he was, and finally figured out that I needed to jump over things and duck under things, etc.

So far… pretty good.

Got to the captain, listened to the story, watched the very attractive holographic girl get copied to a futuristic thumbdrive, etc., and was handed a non-loaded futuristic revolver.

And then it hit me. I’m totally motion-sick. It feels like I’ve been riding in those annoying spinning teacups at the carnival for 3 hours straight. Nauseous and not feeling well. Crap!

I have no idea what my problem is, but every time I play a first person shooter game, I get motion sickness something awful. This ruins all of the fun of playing the game, obviously!! Gone is my excitement for this incredibly cool game, and all I have now is this frustration of not being able to stomach these games. I have always had this problem–the first Doom game, various racing games, etc., etc.

Anyone have any idea what causes this or how to fix it??? I really want to play halo without getting motion sickness!!!

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