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WordPress Style Switcher


OOOH–almost forgot! I spent a bit of time playing around with WordPress today–feeling bored/non-challenged/whatever and all. My first thought was to go with the Kubrick template for WordPress. It looks pretty sweet and all, but it looked like it would be difficult to add easy on-the-fly style changing, and that bothered me a smidge.

So then I stumbled on Alex King’s EXCELLENT WordPress styles page. WOW! Found some REALLY nicely-done styles from his contest page. And, to make matters even better, he’s written some really nice plugins for WordPress–one of which allows you (the web page viewer) to easily switch styles. So I’ve plunked it in, spent a bit of time tweaking things here and there, and voila–here you have it. =:)

About the only complaint that I have from all of this is that for some odd reason, the Aubmach style seems to react really funkily with Opera. Don’t know why–haven’t looked to see if it does better with Firefox. *shrug*

g’night, Gracie.

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