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Commercials are the best things on TV


omx-rubberband-man Honestly, they really are. I LOVE them. My lovely bride thinks I’m nuts, and I irritate her to no ends when, on rare occasion, we sit down to watch TV together. Rather than skipping through all the commercials like my bride does, I will very often insist on watching some of them *gasp*.

Anyway, some of the most creative and enjoyable things you’ll see on TV are commercials. One of my favorites is the Office Max Rubberband Man commercials. During Christmas holiday, I went into Office Max and they had a DVD playing on one of their portable DVD players that had all of their Rubberband Man commercials (and the making of videos). It was hilarious! I watched them with my kiddos for a full 10 minutes at least, laughing all the while (and so were my kiddos). I’ve since tried to find this DVD, or even the MPEG/AVI files on the ‘net, but to no avail. So I guess I’ll have to make do with these flash files. =:)

Oh–I cropped up one of the freely-available wallpapers on the above-mentioned site to get the image to the left, so I’m sure it’s copyright Office Max, etc. </legal garbage>

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