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Billy Joel : I had forgotten how much I remembered


billyJoel-theBridge I happened to be on a date this evening with my lovely bride and my eldest beautiful daughter, and happened also to hear The River of Dreams by Billy Joel. I had forgotten how good he is. I think my favorite Billy Joel album is The Bridge. Probably partly because during my high school years, the girl that had captured my heart loved “This is the time” (and mentioned it in the yearbook (Hi Allison)), and partly because my Dad and I used to listen to the tape while we worked out, and partly because it is just a plain-old really-good album.

As I recall, EVERY song on the first side of the tape was really, REALLY good. As I’ve just bought the mp3’s again (the tape I still have doesn’t sound nearly as nice as 128K mp3’s) my favorites from it are “This is the time”, “A matter of trust”, “Modern woman”, and “Running on ice.”

Go buy it. =:)

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