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How to do server-side e-mail filtering with cpanel/exim


I finally figured out how to do this, YAY!! This forum entry has more details, and I’ll blog more about it later, especially once I get all of my filters set up. For the time being, I only have my kde mailing list e-mails being filtered.

Hmmm. Cool!! This means that I don’t have to set up filters in all the possible e-mail programs that I want to use (the list contains Kmail, Opera M2, Thunderbird, and evolution currently).

Oh, and as another aside… I simply cannot speak highly enough about Justin and vortexhost.com. I dealt with another web hosting company before and was totally frustrated from their support. If you’re looking for a REALLY good, inexpensive web host, you’d do well to check vortexhost.com out.

More later….

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