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Ocean’s Twelve


oceansTwelveSo, I just spent a good couple of hours with my lovely wifey watching Ocean’s Twelve, and I can recommend it for your viewing pleasure, and thanks for asking. I will say, however, that the first twelve minutes of the movie (pun intended) had me cringing. It sure seemed to me that the movie starts off trying to use as many cliches as possible, and doing so many of the things (The Whole Ten Yards, anyone?) that are done in sequels, which totally and completely ruin the movie, for me at least. One of the most offensive of these aforementioned “things” is the frequent use of the title of the first movie interspersed in the characters’ dialogs. *twitch*

But I can definitely say that the movie gets better. I loved the first movie and bought it (or was gifted it at some point, I don’t remember). I don’t think this sequel is as good as the first one, necessarily, and I think it is not as discoverable as the first one was (I mean, come on–did anyone see anything leading to that ending?), which leads to disappointment in the audience (audience being me). But it was not nearly as horrible as I had thought it would be–what with mentioning “Ocean’s Eleven” more than 5 times in 10 minutes at the beginning of the movie and all.

Overall, I thought the story and dialog was smartly written, and it was enjoyable as always watching George Clooney and Brad Pitt work together. Their dialog and timing was one of the most enjoyable things about the first one, and even though the sequel didn’t seem as crisp in this area (and perhaps it’s because you’ve already seen it exhaustively in the first one). The camera work was pretty well-done, I thought, and I liked the use of freeze-frame moments throughout. I though the opening sequence which ended with Brad Pitt being freeze-framed as he jumped out the window was hilarious. Also, even though the 12-times-repeated long-camera-shot-to-closeup sequences were painful to watch, I think they did get their intended point across as to the thoroughly depressing state of the characters at that point. Not too shabbily done. =:)

Ooh. Before I forget, my favorite song from the movie wasn’t on the soundtrack. It’s the song from the scene where Night Fox is dancing his way through the lasers–you know, the really cool techno French song. Anyway, I found it here, thanks to this thread. Long live the revolution, baybee. Long live Google. =:)

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