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Really Wrinkly, Old Guys


Really Wrinkly, Old GuysThe last iTunes e-mail brought this recent photo of Mick and the boys in front of my eyes. *blink* *blink*

Now, you can certainly give Apple kudos for having the unique ability to make anything in the world look good. I mean, honestly, Apple could make a dirty diaper look appealing.

However, these guys look so bad (read: really wrinkly, squinty, disheveled, badly dressed, gaunt, and… is that a 50’s wig???), the only thing that could make them look appealing (imho, anyway) is to have the picture not include them in it.

I suppose I’ll offend people by saying such things (and the people I will offend are the type of die-hard fans I most probably don’t want to meet, much less offend), but really… is this appealing to anyone?


(foto originally postd as Really Wrinkly, Old Guys and uploadd by vanRijn).

Author: Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper

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