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GMail and IMAP

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Hah, made you look.

I would pay a good $20 to see the Google boys and girls (of whom I’m simultaneously jealous and irate with, since my application/resume submission has been returned with a “thanks for applying, but there’s nothing you can do for us” e-mail) would allow GMail to be accessed via the IMAP protocol.


Well, that’s the whole point of GMail, right? You get TONS of storage space for your e-mails. You never have to delete them. You never run out of room. You can easily search them. What you can’t do is access it from another e-mail client when you want to and have all of your e-mail there for you. Sure, you can POP it off and have that e-mail on one other client, but if you have to rebuild your computer, for instance, or change e-mail clients, or have more than one computer that you access your e-mail from (hello? work and home?) etc., then that’s of very limited value. That’s what IMAP is for–your e-mail is actually stored and sorted on the IMAP e-mail server. And you can access whenever you want, from whatever computer you want.

You know… kind of like… GMAIL!

IMAP is a perfect match for GMail.

I simply do not understand why they don’t implement it. Ads? Fine, put ads in my e-mails at the bottom. Or let me pay $30 and never have to see them again. Something. Anything. Just provide it, Google, PLEASE???

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