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OpenSuSE 10.0-final released, and I’m #12


joshkasper-armor Now downloading the newly-released OpenSuSE 10.0 GoldMaster discs. Gonna do a clean install and see if I still have any problems. *fingers crossed*

Tomorrow, I have a most-of-the-day Bible Quiz event with the whole family (my two daughters will be quizzing and my wife and son will be helping officiate and I’ll be coaching my eldest).

If I have time tomorrow eve, I need to clean up the crappy cinderblock mess in my basement, hang new drywall over it, put the corner piece up, mud over that, wet-sand, mud, etc.

And then there’s the whole #12 thing. Hopefully going to finish that up on Monday, though it’s definitely not something that anyone should think about rushing through.

Right, and once I make it through those hurdles (well honestly, while I’m going through those hurdles), there’s still the ever-pressing other issues of life.


Stress level: 12 out of 10.

Oooh–almost forgot…. I went with K and Sarah and Amanda last night to a VERY cool concert at LCBC (Until My Heart Caves In Tour) where we enjoyed 3+ hours of Superchic[k], Sanctus Real, Audio Adrenaline, Kids in the Way, and Pillar. My hearing is still trying to come back to me. =:)

Also, my bro just had a new board come out!! Congrats Josh!! =:)

Oh–and I’m sick. =:/

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