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The world may now end


Holy freakin’ crap, Batman.

This just in:

I’ve finally done it and went and bought a new (well, refurbished) Powerbook. 15″ beautiful widescreen. 1.5G processor. 1G of RAM. 80G of 5400-rpm hard drive sweetness. Superdrive (DVD burner, etc.). All for the unbelievable price of $1499 (plus $59 for the second 512 megs of RAM).

This thing rocks my world in amazing ways.

I believe that this has always been one of the signs that the world will soon be ending. You know… Jason buys a powerbook, cats and dogs living together… MASS hysteria.

WOOOOT!! I love this machine!

I’ve just spend the entire evening repartitioning the hard drive to give Mac OS X 45 gigs and Linux the rest, as well as re-installing OS X and then installing SuSE 10 PPC onto the hard drive. The Linux install was a little bit more painful than I thought it would be. And for some reason, the built-in ethernet (yes, I know–not the Airport card–the old-fashioned RJ-45 port) card won’t get a DHCP address.

But I am tickled pink by this. I am absolutely loving OS X.

Watch this space for more details of my new life as a Mac user, as well as my upside-down, turned-all-crazy life as a moving-to-Rhode-Island CVS IS Architect.

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