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kpax1 I think I’ve mentioned before how much movies affect me. They really do. And the really thought-provoking ones affect me the most. Duh, I suppose.

I just saw K-PAX this evening. How I managed to miss this until just now is beyond me. Comes with the territory of having a hectic job, a beautiful wife, three amazing children, a very busy out-of-work schedule, outside-of-work hacking ambitions, and an Xbox, I suppose.

Now, the film intentionally leaves you guessing as to what the problem is, to quote Mr. Lawrence (I LOVE that line!!). And it’s unnerving to me to walk away from a film without having a clear idea of what really happened in its imaginary universe. Vanilla Sky drove me nuts because of this, as did others. So I had to watch the deleted scenes for K-PAX, and do a little reading on the Interweb, and I think I have a pretty good stance on the story now.

Based on the deleted scene with the scientists explaining the whole star map thing, as well as all of the early hints as to the unmistakable alien-ness of Prot (humans can’t see ultra-violet light, kids), as well as the comments I’ve found from those who read the book, I am of the belief that the truth within the universe of this movie (suspension of disbelief here kids to think inside that universe) is as follows.

  • Prot was indeed an alien.
  • He had some tie to Robert Porter. That is to say that he cared about this human and watched over him.
  • He saved Mr. Porter from drowning himself.
  • He did so by guiding/using/controlling/protecting Mr. Porter’s body for 5 years.
  • Prot then took Mr. Porter to the best psychiatric hospital in the area and helped the Doctor to believe that Mr. Porter was a person who needed his personal help and belief. He then left Mr. Porter’s body and what was left of his mind for the Doctor to care about and for.
  • Prot then took Bess back to K-PAX with him.

There you have it. Comments, please!

Also, Kevin Spacey is rapidly becoming one of my favorite actors. He is absolutely amazing!! I love this guy!!

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