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Daddy, Where Is The Other Internet Stick?


So, I was at work today when my beautiful eldest daughter called me and asked me if I knew where the “other Internet stick” was.  I had to think about that one for a second.

Turns out, I have our computers using wireless USB network cards.  The other night, I had taken one of the wireless USB network cards out of the computer downstairs and left it upstairs.  Ah-HAH!  That’s what she was looking for!  The Internet Stick (TM) that I had taken out of the computer and left on my desk.  =:)


I love my kids!!!  =:)

Author: Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper

My name is Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper. I am the ring leader of the amazing Kasper family. I am unashamedly a Christian Nerd. These are our stories....


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