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Got (KDE) Shirts? (part deux)


So, I received my custom-made KDE and KPilot shirts from spreadshirts.com yesterday, and am very, very impressed. 5 days to get the shirts printed and shipped is pretty darned impressive. Nice job, spreadshirt!!! The shirts seem to be well-made and of good quality. I’m just hoping that the logos and printing doesn’t start coming off for at least another 5 years… =;)

Custom-made Spreadshirts Custom-made Spreadshirts
And yeah, my witticisms are perhaps not the greatest, but I was a bit thin on pop culture references at the time, and Adriaan was asleep. So bite me.

But I can say that if you’re in the .us, and you’re looking for some nice KDE swag to wear out on your next hot geeky night on the town and can’t find any, you might just want to take a look at spreadshirt.com. If you can’t find something you like, you can use their custom designer to create it yourself.

Now… back to getting KPilot release-ready….

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