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It was a really interesting week, this last, punctuated by some things that I can not yet talk about yet and also by some things that I can and should.

Pertaining to the former, I had the unique opportunity to take some time away from the norm, see some things I’ve not seen before, and think.  (Un?)Fortunately, I didn’t have the presence of mind to bring much to do along the way, so I didn’t have the chance to watch some of the movies that have been gathering dust, waiting to be returned to ye olde Blockbuster.  But that provided the opportunity to dwell a bit on where I am in life’s journey and forced me to find center again, and that’s always a good thing.

As to the latter, I went to church with my family on Sunday and it was an awesome time of reflection, worship, humility, perspective, and insight–accentuated because of the aforementioned solitude/thinking, as well as the fact that the last few months have been crazy-stressful, gut-wrenching, hectic, and frustrating.  Times of peace and reflection are just flat out needed, especially in today’s world.  This is something that doesn’t come naturally to me, being a hacker, geek, over-achiever, self-motivating, ever-pushing, type-A personality, etc., and I am thankful to find myself with a bit of peace and perspective today after the rough ride as of late.

Two thoughts I woke up with this morning:

  1. I will see the hand of the Almighty God move in my life in the next couple of days, one way or another.  I have the privilege of seeing it not because of anything that I have done to deserve it nor because I am something special.  On the contrary, I will see it because God is good.  That is to say, God is, by nature, good.  I have asked a specific question, and I have peace about the outcome (which is very atypical for me).
  2. Life is too short to overly-worry about not speaking the truth about what you feel.  It is just as unhealthy to tear up your innards by squelching what you would otherwise feel compelled to say as it is to worry about the future.  Neither things are meant to be.  I am not talking about intruding on anyone’s rights, nor about religious (or any other sort of) zealotry, but merely about being true to yourself–not for the purpose of being mean, hurtful, spiteful, acting out of anger or negative emotion, but rather to make peace.  Granted, there must be a balance with this, as with everything else in life.  True peace (that we’re supposed to be making) is not merely the absence of conflict.  It is the presence of good.

And with those two controversial thoughts, I wish you, world, a good Monday.

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