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Thinkpad T61 and a Blond ‘fro


Technology had several glorious victories at my desk today. First, I was fortunate enough to get a very nice dual-head GeForce Nvidia card installed on my 4-way AMD 64-bit cpu server at work. It goes very nicely with the two beautiful 1600×1280 monitors that are now hooked up via twinview. This is by far the coolest working environment I’ve ever had (okay, ever seen).

Secondly, I got my new work laptop today, and it is hella sweet. It’s a Thinkpad T61, and I think I’m in love. About my only complaint is that the thing must weigh 50 pounds, but what can you expect with these specs, I guess. Sweet, sweet, sweet laptop. Oh, also, it’s by far the smoothest Linux installation I’ve ever done. I put OpenSUSE 10.3 (64-bit, baybee!!) on it, and nary a hiccup, complaint, wrinkle, nor hassle! Even the wireless card worked perfectly and out of the box. Nice!!! For all the unsexiness (compared with the Vaios, Macbooks, Alienwares, etc.), this Thinkpad is a solid little machine. And now I’ll get to work purtifying it up with some stickers…

Third, I am officially if not impressed, at least very relieved to see how mature Perforce is. I’d read a couple of really scathing discussions about it last week (which I won’t link to, being that the authors are serious potty-mouths…), so I was a bit wary of it, but from what I’ve seen thus far (having not actually used it yet), it seems pretty slick. Thiago, I understand what you were saying now… =;)

Oh, also, during my little transition period here as I blogged about earlier, I’ve been using the Gmail interface to my little domain’s e-mail, and seriously like it. What I’d typically do, now that I have a laptop again, is to start using a thick client again (kmail), but I’m kind of unsure where I want to go next. There are some definite niceties that the Gmail interface offers that kmail (and honestly, any thick client that I’ve seen) does not. And I wonder how far one could go in the “keeping all my stuff on Google’s servers” model. Being that I’m a Palm/PDA geek, it’s still important to me to be able to sync the big 4 with my Palm (Calendar, Addressbook, Memos, and ToDos). I wonder if Google is planning on augmenting these and providing solid, open API’s for syncing them… ‘twould be really, really cool to build on top of Bertjan’s SOC base conduit with some Google API syncing code. Which reminds me, I wanted to look at syncing with Tomboy from Kpilot too….

I also do like Google’s Reader. Some very nice UI choices made there, and extremely slickque AJAXey sweetness.

supafro_bndAnd I’m going to need some ideas on how to let my hair grow out and not look stupid during the process. Hair gel just doesn’t work unless you’re going for Ace Ventura. Maybe blow-dried and blond ‘fro? =;)

Phew. Long, exciting day. Sleep needed.

Um, and no, this is not me. Just some wig advertisement….

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