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Okay, I watched the SuperBowl


Charlie-Joiner---Action-Photograph-C10108443It actually felt pretty good to “unplug”, as it was put in The Matrix, and allow my brain to focus on nothing other than family, video games, and good old-fashioned American football today. I just realized today that I’ve not had an truly restful weekend in about 3 months, what with new job, travelling, trying to sell a house, realtor-ish stuff, miscellaneous stress, etc. So it was a nice break from overwhelming life today.

Since I’ve not watched football (or much of TV at all) since last year’s Charger’s game, we didn’t even know who (other than the Patriots) were playing today. But we decided to root for the underdogs (The Giants), and it was a very exciting game! I won’t ruin it for anyone who hasn’t Tivo’d it yet, but it was very well played–an enjoyable diversion. I include a totally unrelated picture of one of my favorite Chargers from my growing up years of watching football with my Dad… Charlie Joiner.

In other news, I see that the amazing Bertjan has committed a bit to KPilot trunk recently! Way to go Bertjan!! We need to catch up on IRC soon and talk more of world domination!

I guess that’s all for tonight. Need sleep and to get back on a decent schedule again…

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