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Prep Your PSP for Armageddon


The Hori screen protector that I have on my PSP has managed to become poked and has subsequently created a bubble on my PSP’s screen. So I was looking at getting an InvisibleShield screen protector, being that they’re all but bullet-proof. And then I saw a couple of crazy nuts that talked about just buying some 3m Scotchgard sheets (you know… the stuff they put on the fronts of cars now to protect them from rocks, dirt, and small farm animals) and cutting it to size and saving vast amounts of coin. Wellsir, that’s just crazy enough that it simply has to work!

So I scoured around a bit and came across this little gem to help you Prep Your iPod for Armageddon! I went right out and purchased 24 inches of 4″-wide 8mil Paint Protection Film. I figure that if this actually does work, my $11 investment will provide me with enough material to cover my PSP, the kids’ 3 iPods, my Treo, and perhaps even the cat.


Watch out, MacGyver… there’s a new kid in town!!

Author: Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper

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