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Nokia N810 and an 8 GB Micro/Mini SDHC Card


After reading about a whole lot of problems people have been having with SanDisk micro->mini SDHC card adapters on the N810, I bought this awesome little Kingston 8GB Micro SDHC Mobility Multi Kit Model MBLY/8GB over the weekend for only $30(!!) and just got it in the mail today. After figuring out how to actually put the thing in (label-side up like normal–it’s just a bit of a weird fit), I was pleasantly surprised to find that the N810 promptly displayed a “Memory card available” message and that I could use the card just fine. The 8GB card came pre-formatted as vfat (FAT32) and only reported as having 7.4GB available, which is, I guess, normal (albeit annoying). I reformatted the card on my laptop to ext3 and it came out at 6.8G available. Forget that! Reformatted it as ext2 and it came back up to 7.0GB available (really, guys?? how can you lose a whole GB from what’s described on the package???). I’ll leave it as ext2 for a while and see if there’s any advantages/disadvantages. I was thinking that ext2 would be better for installing KDE packages, etc., but I’m honestly not sure. And I may end up reformatting as vfat/FAT32 just to get my 400 MB back. =:(

Anyway, I’m pleased to announce that this is a really good combination that worked out of the box for me. I’ve seen none of the problems I was so worried about. And, this little kit comes with a micro SDHC card (duh), mini SD adapter (needed for the N810), full SD adapter, and even a USB adapter. Pretty sweet!! HTH!

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