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All You Can Eat (up to 4’x8′ at a time) Whiteboards for only $13!


Inspired by LifeHacker’s older post about making your own whiteboard for cheap, I bought a 4’x8′ sheet of dry erase board from Home Depot for $13. I had them cut it down into 2 3’x4′ sections and one 2’x4′ section on account of I have a Honda Fit and that’s just not gonna hold a 4’x8′ section of anything.

I had some spare aluminum foil tape left over from a previous project (fixing 10 individual water leaks in my 2007 Honda Fit). I lined the 4 edges of each board with the foil tape, putting roughly half of the foil tape on the front and then wrapping the rest around to the back of the board. This helps to provide a little bit of rigidity and more importantly covers up any edges and imperfections from when the board was cut. If you want more rigidity, just put another layer of the aluminum foil tape on.

Then I used some Command medium picture hanging strips (I LOVE these things!) and mounted my new whiteboards on the wall.

I’m pretty happy with these!

And I have enough whiteboard for another one downstairs in the family room.

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