Kasperian Moving Parts

kinda like Batman, but with a wife and 3 kids

About Me

My name is Jason ‘vanRijn’ Kasper.

The Jason part was given to me by my parents, though I have many times wished I had been named Richard the Third, after my Dad and Grandfather.

The Kasper part was passed down to me from my Dad, though there are some pretty interesting facts about the family’s lineage.

The ‘vanRijn’ part is something that happened on the way between then and now, but you can read more about that later.

If you want to reach me, the best way to do that is to email me at vR@movingparts.net.

My current title at work is Staff Engineer at VMware. In human-speak, that means that I’m a geek who can and enjoys to:

  • Program computers in more than 10 different languages.
  • Understand complex problems that need to be solved with computer systems and create solutions, even if that means being the first to implement a given solution. This does not mean that I enjoy or advocate re-inventing the wheel. I’m strongly against such silliness and will research existing solutions thoroughly before inventing a new one.
  • Architect interacting computer systems to solve given business needs.
  • Design the interactions, flows, abilities, security, and limitations that a system or set of systems should have.
  • Work with the Open Source community and use Open Source systems and technologies. I derive more enjoyment out of Open Source and its strong community and fun than anything else in the computer-related field.

You can find more about my work experience and other THINGS here at LinkedIn.

I am a very creative person who needs to be challenged regularly. I have natural, God-given artistic ability. I understand interface design and layout issues.

I am the very fortunate husband of a beautiful young woman named Linda.

I am the Daddy of three wonderful children named Kiani, Ashleigh, and Jason (Junior).

I am a Christian. This is the basis for my identity and life. This does not seem to be a popular thing to say amongst computer programmers, but I am not ashamed of it.

I am a 40-something year-old boy in a man’s body. I love to have fun with my children, friends, and co-workers. This manifests itself in unexpected snowball fights, lengthy video-game sessions, random Airzooka missions, and late-night Guild Wars 2 sessions. This also colors many things that I do, and I shall endeavor unceasingly to not lose the boy inside for the man that is seen going to work everyday.

This I give you then: the me-ness of me.