Kasperian Moving Parts

kinda like Batman, but with a wife and 3 kids

My brother, Josh Kasper, the professional skateboarder


I am so proud of my brother! He is an amazing athlete. Our Dad would be proud. =:)

Author: Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper

My name is Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper. I am the ring leader of the amazing Kasper family. I am unashamedly a Christian Nerd. These are our stories....


  1. Josh stayed with darren and i in Australia, hes a rad guy, really nice, pretty humble, has had a journey and toughs it out…i hope he has success that lasts and that he finds fulfillment in skating. He certainly deserves it. Good onya for being proud of your bro…thats rad.
    have a good one.

  2. Cool!! I’m glad to hear that you had a cool time with Josh in Australia!! I wish I could have been there with you guys!! =:) Always wanted to visit Australia!

  3. Hey, hows things? Heard from Josh lately? We are moving to London in 7 weeks – so tell him to give us a holler if you see him yeah>

    Thanks – take care

  4. jason, thrasher magazine is trying to get in touch w/ josh about a trip opportunity later this month. he’s been tough to locate.
    can you call or email me w/ his current contact info?
    kevin marks 619-702-3523

  5. Coming to save the world one day at a time. 🙂

  6. I have seen enough! If you truly are Josh’s brother let him know that his “OLD SCHOOL” friend Craig is wanting to talk with him. Him and I used to skate together with our friend Khuni, from Lodi, back in the days. Lets just say I have a lot to say to him and a lot to catch up on.

    There really is to much to say but I think if he search’s his soul enough he will remember who I am. Have him look me up via google.

    Craig Leras

    P.S. Josh, I kicked your ass at the 22 stairs in front of City College … 😉 … Now thats taking it back!

  7. P.S.S. You will see some S@#$%. Your not alone. Hit me up on my “you know what space”.

  8. Hey. I used to skate with your brother almost everyday at Santee Elementary. I hope he gave up dancing-LOL. Me, Carlos, and Josh used to tear it up in Santee. I hope he is doing great. Please tell him that Chris from Santee said What’s up.

    Chris W

  9. Hey Chris! I’ll pass it on to him. =:)

  10. your brother josh is a long-time hero of mine, thanks to him I’ve learned to live life to the fullest and found faith in myself and god. (i don’t know him personally but i wish i did!) I wish i could skateboard like him, he truly is amazing. I never really hear much about him in skateboarding mags that i read, but he truly is my favorite skateboarder and my #1 hero. you have a great brother! tell him i said thanks!

  11. Hey Steve! Thanks so much for the encouraging words for my brother! I’ll definitely pass this on! =:)

  12. Are you still around Jason? Id love to get in touch with Josh, can you pass on my details If I can get them to you? Be good to relive some days with Sid Tapia and Josh and us…

  13. Hey Hannah! Yeah, I’m still here! =:) I’d be more than happy to pass on your info to Josh. Just email me at vR@movingparts.net and I’ll forward them on to Josh.

  14. Hey you have probably have never heard of me but im tammys sisters son and i wish i lived out in san diego with them so i can try to hang out or skate with josh a little bit its been a while since ive skated with him last time i barely got my kick flips now im on tres and what not, just wish i could skate with him for a bit.

  15. Skated with Josh back in the day.. Not sure if it’s through contests or my friend Falco when living in SD..

    We were always cool and basically did the same tricks..

    Sending my regards.. God bless.

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