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Madcatz EVO FightStick Pro Remora, ArcEye3, and ChimpSMD Mod


The finished product, plugged into an XBox360And so it begins. Run USB to the ChimpSMDSeimitsu blue buttons, ArcEye3's and Remora in placeThe Mod WorkplaceThe messy mod workshopIndustrial Strength Velcro to Secure the ChimpSMD Board
Velcro to secure the ChimpSMDVelcro to secure the ChimpSMDHatefully short joystick wires!The original end of the wiring harnessWiring harness metal connectorsHelping Hands thing from Radio Shack
Replaced wiring harness wiresRe-wired joystick wiring harnessNew joystick wiring harness, glued and labelledJoystick connected to ChimpSMD and MadCatz PCBConnecting the buttons to both PCB's via CN1 and CN2 wiring harnessesDual-wired button CN1 wiring harness
Glued, dual-PCB-wired button CN1 wiring harnessGlued, dual-wire-modded button CN1 wiring harnessAlmost there!The finished product. Wires tamed slightly.Remora and ArcEye3's all wired up and dual-moddedFinished product, some wire taming, joystick end

My son and I went to EVO again this year and in addition to spending way too much money in general, I bought the MadCatz EVO limited edition FightStick Pro for myself. The clear Madcatz limited edition EVO 2012 FightStick Pro is a thing of beauty to begin with. But it is just begging to be modded. Of course, I had to dual-console-mod it so I could use it in the XBox360 and PS3. But I also had to add some Button LEDs while I was at it. The new ArcEye3’s, plus the new Remora board, plus a blue ball stick top and blue shaft and blue translucent Seimitsu buttons all combine to be the most beautiful arcade stick I’ve ever seen.

So here’s the finished product:

For more pics and a whole lot more content, check out my Flickr set for this mod.


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