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gladiator, the movie


gladiatorI don’t know why movies affect me so much, but they really do. I’ve always been this way, as long as I can remember.

I still remember getting horribly freaked out by The Shaggy DA, watching it with my parents and siblings growing up. The Thing was another horrible one. *shiver*

I think it might be that my mind soaks up visual images so easily and simply refuses to let go of them. I think it also might be because my mind is predisposed to a suspension of disbelief. Whatever the reason, movies always affect me for longer than I’d like them to.

Sometimes they make me moody and no fun to be around (sorry honey). Sometimes they make me question reality and realize how fragile our grasp on it is (like A Beautiful Mind–now that one REALLY affected me!). Sometimes they make me appreciate my kids and wife even more (like The Patriot). And sometimes, they just stir up a whole bunch of amazing little emotions inside me that touch parts of my mind that aren’t used to getting touched.

Gladiator was like that. What an amazing, powerful movie. I need to go digest it some more. =:)

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