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Heeeere, Covenant, Covenant


halo Woot! So, I managed to last a half-hour with halo tonight! I think it might be because I was talking with my kiddos while I was playing it. Maybe that kept my stomach distracted….

But I got off the ship finally, went through several checkpoints, and got in my first vehicle!! =:) It was pretty funny. I walked up to the back of the vehicle, faithfully hit my “e” key as instructed to get up into the gunner’s position, and just kind of waited. And waited. And waited. And… well, finally hopped out and got into the driver’s seat. I probably did something stupid and shot my driver or something, but anyway, managed to get the vehicle moving. =:)

Maybe I could tell the guy sitting beside me to drive the car instead?

Mike, you’d better start warming up yer loser’s jacket… =:P

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