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Updated arcade stick mod


arcade_stick So, I’ve done a bunch of research and question-asking and reading and cursing and gamestopping and some more reading and some more question-asking, etc. When I originally built my custom arcade sticks, I used the PCB’s from old PSX digital-only controllers, since they were the easiest to hack and solder. These worked really well for me (in combination with some PSX-to-USB converters I got from Radio Shack for $10) with PC games. Both Linux and Windows see the arcade sticks as regular joystick devices and they work perfectly fine with M.A.M.E. and the TOTALLY cool Killer Instinct emulator.

Anyway, as I’ve blogged much about before, along came the Xbox and Street Fighter Anniversary Collection into my life and with it my hopes that I could use my arcade sticks with it. And, as I’ve blogged much about before, this dream was smashed to oblivion due to the Dreambox converters that I bought from LikSang being unable to work with non-analog PSX controllers.

So I modded a new controller a few nights ago (Gamestop is wonderful!) and replaced the digital PCB for my arcade stick with it. I used SpiffyShoes PSX A-series controller hack which lets you do a completely no-solder hack on a A-series dual-shock PS1 controller. I only had some spare CAT-5 lying around to use for the wire, and it was REALLY painfully slow and frustrating trying to use its 24-gauge twisted-pair wires to plug into the ribbon terminal. I’m not completely happy with it, as it looks a bit unstable, not having the wires actually secured to the terminal in any way, and I’m not sure if I want to leave it as it is or replace it with a soldered PS1 H-series PCB, but at the very least, I hooked it up to SFAC through my Dreambox converter and it works perfectly.

Here are some pictures of my mod (not pretty on the inside, I admit it), including the closeup of the no-solder PCB board. I’m worried that the wires are going to come out one of these days soon.

But for now, I’m happy being able to use the little bugger on Xbox live. =:)

Happy gaming….

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