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Flickr assimilation now complete


I have now joined the Borg Collective officially, I can say, and have moved all of my photos off of my personal website and onto my Flickr account. Time will tell the wisdom of this move, I suppose. I can say that the features that Flickr offers are WAY cooler than anything else I’ve seen in this space. I had previously been using Singapore, but became quickly disenchanted by the lack of good themes/templates and the lack of integration into WordPress.

On the other hand, Flickr offers a VERY good service, gives tons of storage space (far more than I need, methinks), allows for a variety of ways to upload your pictures, provides a really cool interface (the slideshow thing is really neat!!), uses cross-platform solutions like Flash, and has followed Google’s example of not being evil. Nice job, Flickr!

My only point of contention is that I was silly enough to rush out and spend $24.95 for their pro account, since their free account only allows you to have 3 sets (albums). But other than that, I’m pretty happy. Of course, there is that little niggling thought that I have lost some element of control, being that I’m relying on Flickr to not do bad things, but I’m trying to suppress that…. =:)

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