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Total Lack of Passion or Momentum


I found this blog entry from Dave Neary the other day and share his sentiments. Namely, I’m not particularly enamored with what I do for a living (Retail Pharmacy–it’s not painful to the point of death, but it’s not something that I’m passionate about, to be sure), and would absolutely LOVE to work with a company that not only embraces the Open Source desktops (GNOME, KDE, etc., etc.), but also actively participates in their development. From what I’ve seen, Redhat and Novell do this, but I’ve not been successful in getting anyone’s attention with my resume-submissions. =:/

But that’s my passion, to be sure, and I would love the opportunity to work on something during my day job that I am truly passionate about. I would think that that would not only make for one heck of a happy employee, but also a happy employer, being that passion has to help spur productivity, or at the very least cover a multitude of common-to-any-workplace annoyances.

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