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“vanRijn was blown to pieces by nanofire with an R-P-freakin-G”


SOCOMFireteamBravo_pspboxboxart_160wWhen I won my PSP from a raffle at LinuxWorld, I honestly didn’t think that highly of it. In fact, my first thought was “I wonder if Linux would run on this.” It’s not worth it, IIRC, but what’s truly surprised me is the coolness of the PSP. It has built-in WIFI, which is pretty slicque on its own, but this makes it a truly portable online multiplayer gaming platform (think Xbox Live, but small enough to carry everywhere you go). Forget about the built-in web browser, by the way, really–it is horrible!!

So, the first game that I bought (and felt really stupid doing, thinking that I’d just wasted $35 on a used game for a console that I’d never really use that much) was SOCOM, Fireteam Bravo. I bought it because it looked a little bit like Splinter Cell, which I have an absolute blast playing on the Xbox. Well, anyway, it’s not quite like Splinter Cell, but SOCOM is a pretty decent little you-against-the-computer game anyway.

What I didn’t know until I happened to be discussing it with a guy at work (the “nanofire” in the title) was that it is actually an online multi-player game on the PSP. This changes everything! It’s actually a WHOLE lot of fun to play against other people wirelessly from wherever you feel like it.

Of course, I am not all that good with it yet and don’t have tremendously great ambitions of getting all that great with it (… major time investment, anyone?…), but it is very fun to play when the mood strikes me and time allows.

Oh, and the title… the only guy I know who plays it (nanofire–the guy from my work) happened to get a VERY lucky shot in on me last night with an RPG and felt obliged to send me an e-mail this morning with that text in it. It was funny enough to post about. =;)

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