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Apple’s Exceptional Attention to Detail


My most favoritest headphones just died on me recently.  They were cheapo Jensen behind-the-head headphones, but they had amazingly good sound and fit me perfectly (like comfortable, broken-in shoes).  I used them with my iPod, and everything else.  *sniffle*  But alas, one side of the stereo headphone has stopped working entirely (which sort of defeats the purpose of “stereo”, doesn’t it?) and the faithful Jensen headphones now reside in a landfill in MA somewhere.  So I was getting all ready to go on a conquest for new headphones.  Then I realized that my iPod nano came with Apple-sanctioned mini-headphones that I’d never even opened.  I tried them out today and was once again impressed with Apple’s attention to detail and quality.  The headphones actually do have good sound, and has really cool little details that make it stand out.  Awesome.

Author: Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper

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