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On The Way Back From SOC Summit


So, here I sit in SFO, fighting the urge to pay $6 for an hour of WIFI. Note to self: figure out how to use Treo 650 in Linux with Sprint as a PPP connection! Oh yeah, also buy a bluetooth usb dongle like Seb’s.

I had an absolutely amazing last couple of days, despite having the most obnoxious sinus/head cold evar. I cannot tell you how totally cool both Seb and Thiago are. I wish I had a few more days to spend with them, as well as all the rest of my fellow FOSS geek brethren. The Google summer of code mentor’s summit was just plain awesome (thanks Chris, Leslie, and all the other Googlers who made this possible!!!), and it was like meeting up with old friends that you’ve never met before, all day long. We got to hang out a bit with the 3 Gnomies during the day and on into the evening, and we got some really great photos with Seb’s camera that I’ll shortly upload to Flickr once I get back home and catch some sleep.

Seb and Thiago: you guys rock. Google: you guys rock. VMware: you guys rock too. 🙂

* This post courtesy of Plogit and my 2 thumbs. *

[UPDATE] Okay, Plogit sucks.  When you enter a title that’s longer than its text field, it 
doesn’t  scroll or expand to let you see what you’re entering.  For example, say you’re in SFO, blogging on the fly, and you enter “… SOC SUMMUT”, and you can’t see it, so you don’t realize it until you look when you land in Pittsburg to find that for the last 5 hours, the world has been snickering at you.  =:/  Anyway… pictures and more depth coming… some time not near to now….  Oh, also, Pittsburg’s free WIFI access is teh cool, and seriously, SFO (and all the rest) should REALLY take notice and follow suit….

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