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Great White Sharks And You


My darling daughter was quick to fill me in on a bit of news garnered by some educational television programming the other day: I’m apparently relocating my little brood to The Red Triangle. Oh good. And here I was, just saying to myself: “Boy, Self, this is REALLY cool! You finally get a chance to move back to California beaches again and can enjoy some good surf!” Hm. It’s always nice to find out you’re moving to a triangle of death.

I had no idea that there was such a thing as the Red Triangle, but apparently it’s named that because it’s the highest concentration of Great White shark attacks in the world. Oh good.

This tidbit of news prompted me to search a bit for shark-related news in the San Francisco area and I came across this really interesting page from the Monterey Bay Aquarium that describes the Great White shark research that they’re doing. I find this page that shows the path traveled by a tagged & released Great White fascinating and uber-geeky-cool.


And we’ll just have to see about buying a suit of armor to go surfing in…

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