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Today was my last day with my (before today) current employer. It has been a really, really, really bizarre and surreal day. 2 weeks for that matter. I caught myself several times shocked that I wasn’t more overwhelmed by the huge transition that we’re now embarking on again. And I think the fact that I wasn’t more worked up about it was all the more jarring.  Maybe it’s because I just went through this whole thing only 2 years before, so now I’m a hardened expert.  Or maybe it’s because I’m just at peace with where God is moving us.  Or maybe it’s because I’m thrilled like I never have been before about my new job.  Or maybe I’m just suffering from severe lack of sleep, allergies, and general numbness.

But I am extremely excited about working for VMware!!! I’ve accepted a (totally cool) position with them as a Linux UI Engineer, and will be working on the Player team. Awesome!!! =:) Open Source && Linux && C++ && an awesome team && a company that just might actually get Open Source == 1 happy me.  I am stoked.  =:)

However, this means that my focus will be diverted from KPilot for the next few weeks, at least.  The last time we went through this transitional period 2 years ago, we ended up with KDE 3.5.5’s version of KPilot which caused no shortage of problems.  I hope that this transition period will be smoother and less disruptive.  But I can say that I will have zero time to work on getting KPilot in shape for our KDE 4.0 release, which unfortunately also coincides with Adriaan’s complete lack of time due to work and Bertjan’s lack of time due to school.  So KDE 4.0’s KPilot will ship with our new Keyring conduit and the memofile conduit working, but precious little else.  You can call this a regression, failure, disappointment, or whatever else you feel like, and believe me when I say that there is nobody more disappointed in this little turn of events than me.  I’ll also say that I would thoroughly relish any and all help that would step up and help us get the Calendar, Addressbook, and ToDo conduits ported, if nothing else, for KDE 4.0.  =:)  If you care, can code, and are willing to help, please let me know.

So, stay tuned to this channel for more updates as time goes by.  I find myself having to use my old Powerbook until I get my new work laptop (hopefully Monday!!), so I’m limited on how much I can do outside of checking e-mail, etc.  Oh, speaking of…  I believe I’ll be getting a Thinkpad T60 (yeah, I know, very unsexy, but pretty Linux friendly and decently speedy), and I’ll most likely install OpenSUSE 10.3 64-bit on it.  Anyone have any good/bad experiences with any of the afore-mentioned mixture of hardware/software?

As Bowie sang… Ch… ch… ch… ch… changes….

Strap on yer seatbelts and hang on tight….  =:)

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