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MWM looking for Bling/Compiz/Emerald/KDE3 love


Dear Lazyweb,

I would LOVE to have bling on my desktop. I use KDE3, and have been good all year. I think I should be allowed to have bling on my desktop just like all of my GNOME friends.

To this end, I’ve tried running compiz with emerald in my KDE desktop. I can get both compiz and emerald running just nicely and get it all configured the way that I like it. But then whenever I restart X and compiz comes back, it manages to forget half of my keybindings and configuration settings. I don’t think I’m doing anything weird or revolutionary in my settings–just an 8-sided cube with viewport-switching keybindings, ring switching, scale niftiness, animations and other standard-looking stuff.

But for the life of me, I cannot figure out why compiz just manages to forget half of its configuration between restarts. I’m using “ccsm” to configure stuff and for the most part it seems to work just fine (i.e. compiz seems to honor the settings as I’m configuring them). Any idea on what I’m doing wrong? Or is it because I’m using compiz + emerald + KDE? Does anyone in KDE3 desktop land have successful bling with compiz?

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