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Return of the Singer


kevinmax200x254p-january2008One artist that I’ve always admired is Kevin Max. I always enjoyed his voice in dc Talk, and though he hasn’t enjoyed the success that TobyMac or Michael Tait, I think he’s every bit as talented. I just found a nice little interview with the man and I must say, I LOVE the new look, Kevin. =:D This is what I’m aiming for… my new look. =;)

Some bits that I totally identify with:

So how would you say life is different from five years ago?

Max: As a 40-year-old, I think it’s a time for me to mellow. The kids keep me on my toes, but I’m really more of a family guy as opposed to a guy who’s always wanting to go out on the town and trying to see what the [newest thing] might be. I enjoy being home now.

Your publicist said Michael W. Smith calls you the “most misunderstood man in Christian music.” Is that a compliment?

Max: Probably, if you put me up against the wall with the other contemporary Christian singers. I would say that Michael W. Smith can be quite a misunderstood guy, too. I’m known as the guy that’s kind of on the fringe or the outside—not because I think it’s cool, but because I really believe in creativity and pushing the envelope and progressing in the arts. I don’t like to sit still and put out exactly what people expect me to. I like to push myself to change.

Is this a one-off project? Or do you think you might continue in this vein of music for albums to come?

Max: As I’ve tried to explain to so many people that are trying to figure out this little enigmatic head of mine—which is quite small at times—I always like to change. Change is probably my one vice. It kind of confuses and pisses off some people, but I need change. It’s not that I think it’s cool to do that. I just like doing it. The next project is probably going to be another 360-degree turn.

Here’s to change, Kevin. I’m in the middle of a big one, myself, and loving every bit of it. =:)

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