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Review Board and KDE!


Ooh, just saw this excerpt from Aaron:

in other news, Matt Rogers has set up a review board installation which i want to start using to streamline the patch review process in plasma. Matt has set up a group for Kopete already, i’ve noticed, too. if all goes well, we’ll find a permanent home for it and maybe even start getting other kde projects using it =)

Awesome! I can tell you from experience that Review Board is one seriously cool tool. Having been the initiator of the code review process at Rite Aid, I would have loved to have had it as an available option, but was stuck using cvs diff, a2ps, reams of paper each week, and large amounts of coffee. I firmly believe in code and peer review and love the results they bring. But doing it without a good tool-set is PAINFUL, and just wears you down. I’m excited to see our KDE guys using such a cool solution!

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