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Wanted: VIM in Eclipse


vi vs. emacsI’ve been looking for a way to have VIM functionality inside Eclipse for a long time. SlickEdit has it, sort of, but it’s prohibitively expensive and ugly. And then I saw this nifty little vimplugin sourceforge project and got my hopes all up. Sadly, it’s not quite there yet. After figuring out how to associate *.cc files to the Vim plugin (note to vimplugin guys: Maybe stick a README or some docs on how to use the plugin in the tarball?), I saw that I was unable to open more than one VIM tab in Eclipse at a time. In addition, there is no contextual/outline view associated to the code once you’re in the VIM editor as there is with the CDT C++ editor.


Back to the drawing board.

Author: Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper

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  1. I’ve been using viPlugin (http://www.satokar.com/viplugin/) for some time. It works OK but have some nasty bugs that made me abandon Eclipse for Netbeans (the have the lovely jvi plugin). So until there is a better solution I will stick to Netbeans (I really need good vi editor). I don’t know how the C++ support works in Netbeans as I’m using Java.

  2. Give eclim a try. It’s the other way around, eclipse integrated into vim.


  3. @tidbeck: Yeah, I’d heard of viPlugin, but I didn’t like the idea of kicking over money for it. I’m trying it out now and I’ll see how well I like it before shelling out the bucks. Thanks though! =:) What bugs does it have that keep you from using it? And does Netbeans have a C++ editor?

  4. Hi Mikael,

    Yeah, I saw that… I don’t think it’s what I’m looking for. I like Eclipse’s layout and L&F. I’ll keep looking. =:)

  5. Hi Jason.

    The bug that made stop using Eclipse had to with the undo feature (one undo went about 20 steps back but I could only redo 1 step). Pretty often it stopped working or had a strange behaviour.

    According to the website a few of the bugs are fixed so maybe is better now (was a few months since I tried it).

    Netbeans 6 should have C/C++ support, but I don’t know to which extent.

  6. Netbeans c++

    Sun Studio – Based off netbeans? I’m told is more advanced for c/c++ at present.

    Yzis – Tries to integrate Vi into frontends of Qt4 and KDE4 (Needs developers I think)

  7. Hey joro!

    hmmmm. Yeah, actually, there was some traffic on the KDE lists just the other day about Yzis. Not quite what I’m looking for.

    But I think I’ll give netbeans a shot. Sun Studio doesn’t say what version of netbeans it’s based off of…

  8. Hi, I think you need to associate *.cc to Vim (new process)
    it works quite fine here.
    However, i hope it can reuse the same vim and different tab in next version

  9. In addition, you got the wrong css.
    I’m using ubuntu and has no “Arial Narrow” font. Then it start to use the “Webdings”. Do you know what I’ve found in your website. Full of symbols.

  10. Hey Cooper! Heh. That’s too funny about the font weirdness! Sorry about that. Can you try this again? I think I’ve provided sane fallback fonts (who the heck uses Webdings and Wingdings LOL???). Thanks for the heads up!! =:)

  11. Give http://viableplugin.com a try. Its similar to viPlugin and Vrapper but has a bunch of features none have.

  12. Tried viable and its the best so far. I gotta say, I am impressed.

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