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Following The Ninth


I was going to update my previous post about the amazing movie, Copying Beethoven, with this, but I am sufficiently taken to generate a new post. Kerry Candaele commented on my last post with a link to his forthcoming movie called Following The Ninth, so I visited his site and I am very, very impressed. The short, 7-minute preview of his work in progress fully echoes my thoughts and feelings about Beethoven and his amazing Ninth Symphony. Even better, it shows the impact that the Ninth is still having in our generation today. One of my favorite quotes from the clip:

“This piece enters your bloodstream and then changes who you are. The entire blueprint of everything… of society, of how things should be, of how things are… all the way from subatomic particles to galactic clusters… it’s all here.”
George Mathew: Conductor, Beethoven’s Ninth For South Asia
Carnegie Hall 1/23/2006

Kerry, I sincerely wish you the best of good fortune in your endeavor and I hope your film gets the attention that it deserves!

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