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Last in our series of “when will that Jason kid shut up?!?” is this short, little ditty wherein I extol the wonders of an ancient Linux file server in my basement with a 250GB drive, my shiny (SHINY!!!) new PS3, my PSP, and the nifty little Open Source project of MediaTomb.

Being out of the “being able to spend mad money on Geek toys” for a while (having a family will do that to ya), I was ill-prepared for this new-fangled UPnP thing. As I was setting up my (DANGED AWESOME!!!) PS3, I breezed by the UPnP settings (I don’t need no steenking directions!) with nary a second glance. However, after reading up on the PS3’s media streaming abilities a bit, I downloaded MediaTomb, installed it and configured it (took an hour, max, maybe), and before you know it, Bob’s your uncle and my PS3 was able to stream all of the movies, photos, and music that I’ve been keeping on my ancient Linux file server in the basement. SWEET MAMA!

To make things even just that little extra bit cooler, Sony’s Remote Play allows my and my wife’s PSPs to connect to the PS3 and stream movies, photos, and music anywhere in the house through the PS3.  Now that just plain rocks! I mean, 4GB memory stick modules can hold a decent amount of stuff, but to be able to have 250GB of movies, photos, and music accessible from the PSP in your pocket is just darned cool!

Now all we hafta do is get UPnP client-ness into VideoLAN so I can finally be free of supporting iTunes on my darling bride’s Powerbook….

Author: Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper

My name is Jason 'vanRijn' Kasper. I am the ring leader of the amazing Kasper family. I am unashamedly a Christian Nerd. These are our stories....


  1. Hey Jason, we seem to be attracted by the same toys 🙂
    I’ve got my ps3 streaming HD quality stuff from my ancient linux server. I still have to remux mkv’s to vob/mpg since the ps3 don’t play mkv. Apart from that I love the setup, its working great!
    Doesn’t iTunes support UPnP/DLNA BTW?

  2. hmm, you don’t want to use itunes. I got to learn to read better …

  3. hmmm… uPnP within VLC has been a reality for a long time..but it’s not enabled in mainstream distributions.
    I know I used it two years ago from Gentoo

  4. I have a similar setup except that my linux file server is on a different subnet so the PS3 UPnP network scan doesn’t find it. I’ve nto figured out yet if and how I can route the UPnP packets through to my server net yet.

    As an alternitive for now I have exported the filesystem via samba to my client network and have installed MediaTomb on a box there which then works fine. I;ve also installed gentoo onto the PS3 but I’ve not had a chance to test that very much yet (new baby just arrived) 😉

  5. I seem to remember VLC supporting uPnP already. I’ve got a lab assignment for tommorow and I’ll let you know.
    But even better would be to let you wife use Amarok 2. A uPnP Collection is one many developers want-list for post 2.0 🙂

    I agree that the PS3 kicks ass. I must admit I’m a bit biased. I have 3 standing on my desk right now, next to 2 24″ widescreen TFT screens. Who is the alpha geek now 😉

  6. Hey Quido! =:) I would actually be satisfied if iTunes supported UPnP, but I don’t think it does. At least Google searches haven’t seemed hopeful… =:/

  7. Heya Snis! =:) From what I read, there was some work done to give VLC a UPnP layer, but it was big (26 megs of additional libraries needed, iirc?) and from what I read, it didn’t sound like the VLC boys wanted to bring it in?

  8. @Stecchino: Yeah, I was thinking that, but until Amarok 2.0 is out, I don’t want to mess with teaching my wife about X11 and such to get Amarok 1.4 working. =:/

    And HOLY CRAP! 3 standing on your desk??? What are you using them for? A Linux cluster?? Got pictures or details??

  9. Jason: about VLC, you need libupnp (iirc) and since the 0.9.0 release has changed API upnp support is broken right now (trac #1402). in 0.8.6 you have the option –enable-upnp.
    Haven’t tried it though.

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  11. @Snis: Hey, thank you for the info!! =:) I’ll add myself to the tracker so I can keep tabs on when it gets fixed. =:)


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