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So I spent a couple of hours tonight hacking on KPilot instead of going to bed like a smart little boy (sorry, honey!!! =:( ), and I fixed a couple of nagging problems that’ve been bugging me for months that I’ve just not been able to find the time to dig in and investigate. I think that’s the problem. At this stage in my life, there  simply is no time unless it is forcibly wrenched away from my family or sleep. Blef.

Anyway, I digress…

As this year’s Google Summer of Code winds down to an abrupt end (Pencils down on Monday?? Already??), I am once again very satisfied and impressed with the job that Bertjan has done. He’s continued last year’s outstanding job with our base synchronization conduit and made it even better. He’s finally brought category synchronization into KPilot (how have people not been complaining about this??), thanks to our outstanding base conduit foundation. And he’s ported the ToDo, Contacts, and Calendar conduits to the new Akonadi back end! Woot! I just tried syncing contacts and calendar changes and am very happy to announce that they did sync successfully into Akonadi–even the categories! Woot, again! Job very well done, Bertjan! =:)

Now, is KPilot perfect and ready for release with KDE 4.2? No, not just yet. But it is miles ahead of where it was before the start of this year’s GSOC–and that’s exactly what we were aiming to accomplish. And, even better, I believe that it’s very possible to iron out the rough spots in time for 4.2, thanks to Bertjan’s work, which really excites me.

Please take a moment, if you use KPIlot, to encourage and thank Bertjan on his hard work this year. =:)

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