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nVidia 177.80 Released!



Holy crap. KDE 4.2 frickin’ flies! And contrary to my previous post, now if I set IPP=2, everything’s blazing fast and I’m actually able to resize konsole again! WooooooT!!!  YAY progress!!!

[[ UPDATE ]] : Added link to my previous post. I had already posted my xorg.conf settings and since then, the only thing I’ve changed was IPP=2 from IPP=1. HTH!

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  1. Can you please post your important xorg.conf screen/device options?

  2. This is great news 🙂

  3. Resizing windows is still slow here with 177.80. (also with IPP=2) 🙁

  4. Hey @liquidat, I just updated this with the link to my previous post, where I posted my xorg.conf. =:) HTH!

    @tobiwae: what GPU do you have? Did you try IPP=1? And by slow do you mean laggy? What I meant by slow was that before yesterday, when I tried to resize konsole, it would literally take 30 seconds between when I stopped resizing and my system would respond again. =:( Check out my previous post and try the performance tuning links I listed, playing with nvidia-settings in between tests.

  5. I have the same problem with konsole resizing (reported here : https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=158093 ) and nothing changed with nvidia release 177.80 with either IPP=1 or IPP=2

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  7. Unfortunately there is still a one year old regression, resulting in ugly artifacts. See http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=104822

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