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KDE/Qt California People Sightings!!


I’m out in California this week (belated warning) again, WOOT! I got to spend another awesome weekend at the Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit. This year, Leo and I were the official KDE representatives, but Thiago, Simon, Ariya, and Olivier got to join in on the fun too. And then today and tomorrow are the Qt DevDays, where I finally got to meet blauzahl, greeneg, and hays, as well as catch up again with the Qt dudes and njaard. It’s a really, hectic, crazy week, trying to cram everything into it, and I’m tired as hell, but it’s been an awesome week thus far. Hopefully my body will hold off on the usual travelling sickness until I get home. =:/ Here’s some pics from the last few days…

KDE Gang at Qt DevDays

Me (vanRijn), blauzahl, hays, and greeneg.

KDE and Qt Gang at DevDays

Thiago, Olivier, Frans, Simon, Ariya, Alex (blauzahl), Harri Porten, Andreas Pakulat, greeneg, me (vanRijn), hays, and Charles (njaard).

Me and Leo

Me and Leo! Unfortunately, I was an idiot and this was the only shot I got of we two KDE GSOC mentors.

KDE and Qt Developers Meet Android

KDE threesome (Thiago, Jason, and Leo), plus the Qt foursome (Thiago, Ariya, Simon, and Olivier), meet the Android!! Oooooh, Aaaaaah! We’re not sure what the dog’s name is. =:/

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