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Trying Out This Here Google AdSense Thingie


I really should have done this years ago, back when I was syndicated on a couple of FOSS planet RSS aggregators. *sigh* Anyway, after talking to my good friend Scott Knaub, and hearing how much money he periodically gets from just putting Google ads on his pages (I mean, it’s not tons of $CASHDOLLARZ, but still, every little bit counts!), I realized that I really need to look into doing just that.

Of course, that was several months ago and I’ve had it on my ToDo list ever since. But better late than never?

So, it’s not like anyone reads my blog anymore anyway, but in the off chance that you do and you have thoughts about it, please speak up. In general I try to not annoy people as much as possible, so if I’m annoying you now, I apologize; and if there’s something I can do to make things less annoying, please let me know.

From what I understand of the process, my AdSense account is active, but not really active, for the next 4-5 days or so while Google AdSense peeps review my stuff.

It would surely be swell if I could kick myself in the rear enough to make my web space useful again in this here age of Facebook and Twitter and such. And if I can earn a little bit of $CASHDOLLARZ while I’m doing so, all the better. =:)

Hrm. Speaking of “what the heck am I doing with this here website thing anymore”, I’m wondering why I’m bothering with Categories at all anymore. Aren’t Tags all the rage these days?

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