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Fahrenheit 9/11


fahrenheit_911 So, now I’m just depressed. Having never paid much attention to things political before a month ago, I was hoping to spend a solid month investigating said things, get a healthy bit of knowledge, and be well-armed with all the information necessary to vote responsibly in less than a month.

I believe that now I’m more confused than I was before watching this movie.

From an art-form perspective, the movie was well-done. I’ve not seen any of Michael Moore’s movies previously, I don’t believe, but he seems to do a good enough job of getting his points across artistically. He definitely carries an agenda, but so will any piece of political “information”, I believe. Like my Dad used to say, information does not exist in a vacuum.

I think that, to be fair, I will have to watch this one too. And then there’s last Friday’s presidential debate I have to catch up on still.

Oh yeah… and then there’s that whole being a husband and father thing too…. Right… and that pesky little “holding down a job” bit also….

Drat. Anyone have an extra 10 hours in the day they can spare?

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  1. Jas, hey! Checkin’ out the site and came across the Farenheit 9/11 thing. Thought it was cool.
    Well, I guess Jenny saw it, our sister, and it made her think. We all know there’s allot behind politics, but when those things are exposed to light it makes people question the truths they’ve been told as if everything else were a lie. I definitely think the Farenhype 9/11 movie will do good to show the other side-always two sides to the story and keep in mind I have not seen either, just heard things!
    See ya

  2. Hey Josh!! =:)

    Yeah, I was pretty taken with the movie. One thing I didn’t like too much was how much shock value the movie tried to give to the war. Yeah, it’s important and ANY war is going to be tragic, and maybe it was a mistake that we went in. But it cheapens the sacrifices of our soldiers to use their service as a political weapon.

    I think more informative for me has been the televised debates. I still have yet to catch up on watching the last (3rd) one on my DVR, but I think I’ve got my mind made up now on whom I’m voting for and why.

    Now I just have to figure out who to vote for on the other positions and candidates. =:/

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