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on the war on simulator sickness


So, I played halo for a bit the other day. =:)

My theory is that I can gradually convince my body to not react negatively to these video games. I have no research or reason to believe that my theory is correct. Rather, I think, I am driven by a desire to be able to play this bloody game, and participate in online sessions without tossing my cookies.

I played for about a half hour on Friday, just a smidge longer than I knew I should have. I noticed that I started burping a bit (lovely reading this much detail on a web page, no??), and I think that’s when I need to stop. I played a little past that and felt slightly nauseous afterwards. But I think that if I can build up my body’s tolerance by recognizing that point and stopping at it, (this is my theory, anyway) that I will be able to gradually increase the time that I can play the game before feeling ill.

Apparently, I need another hobby or something.

Having just typed this, I am very aware that I sound like a complete nut.

For my next magical trick, I think I’ll try hitting myself in the head with a tennis shoe repeatedly, try to recognize the point where it starts to hurt, and then stop shortly thereafter–but before I sustain brain damage. =:/

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