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A, Burying K & J


A, Burying K & J, originally uploaded by vanRijn.

We had an absolutely fantastical time today. I decided that we needed to find a beach to go to and go… to… it. Yah. So, we found a really, really nice beach here in RI that reminded me of both Mission Beach and La Jolla Shores from my back-home town of sunny San Diego. I had the best day I could have wanted with my little family, hopping over the waves, diving through them, eating sand on occasion as I took a wave in too close to shore, teaching my kids a little about body-surfing, and taking a nice walk with my beautiful bride along the beach.

Oh. Along the way, we decided to bury some of our children, which is shown here… =;)

I was extremely happy with the day, though, and I only hope my beautiful kiddies will remember it as fondly as I do. Season-long passes forthcoming, I am certain.

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