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KPilot 4.2 progress


I discovered a nasty little data corruption bug in KPilot last night and have put some fixes in for it just this morning. The good news is that we didn’t lose any data. We just gave you a lot more data. =:) So, if you’re helping to test KPilot for our KDE 4.2 release looming Any Day Now (TM), please update from svn (branches/KDE/4.2/kdepim/kpilot) and test again. There is still one little nasty behavior that I see that I need to find a fix for tonight, though. With our new core conduit design for KDE 4.2, KPilot keeps its Handheld -> PC mappings in its own XML file–one per conduit. This is a Really Good Thing (also TM). However, it seems that we don’t do a 100% perfect job just yet in being rigorous about validating this XML mapping file and when it gets messed up, bad things can happen. So, if you’re hitting weird problems with KPilot from KDE 4.2, try removing the XML mapping file for that particular conduit in ~/.kde/share/apps/kpilot/conduits/<PalmUserName>/mapping and re-syncing. That will force KPilot to do a “first sync” and re-create this mapping from both data sources. I’m not saying that’s a good answer, and I’m going to look at finding a solution for the real problem tonight, but it may come in handy for someone out there who’s seeing weirdness.

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  1. I have not used a palm pilot in 10 years. In fact, I gave my old Palm III to my nephew recently so he can pretend it’s… something with batteries…
    However, when I skimed this post on the Planet, I realised you’re maintaining Palm OS Sync software!
    I mean, I realise that there are millions of users, but in the software world, once the thing for which certain software was designed goes away, you tend to see that software go bye-bye far too soon.
    I saw this FAAAR more often in the closed-source world. In fact, more often in freeware than pay-for-play. They wouldn’t open anything just… end it.

    This is a beautiful thing you’re doing here. I salute you.

    — Posted in Emacs-w3m–

    *TheGZeus: Proof of Ferocious Will*

  2. Heh. Thanks @TheGZeus! =:) I really appreciate your kind comments! And, just for the record, it sure feels a lot like the ship has sunk a long time ago and is breaking up on the bottom of the ocean, and I’m still clutching the wheel, trying to steer it. =;)

  3. Don’t lose hope! There are many of us still using KPilot. We greatly appreciate your efforts even if we don’t mention it often.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you for KPilot! My Palm Desktop software won’t work with 64-bit Windows, so I thought I was out of luck. jPilot to the rescue, or so I thought. Problem with it was the lack of ICS file support, so no syncing to Google Calendar for me.

    So, I switched to KPilot. It’s great, I can even use an ICS file synced to Google using GCALDaemon. Only problem is that my KPilot seems to choke at the DateBook sync when syncing my Centro. Seems to be an issue with the Akonadi conduit.

    Any ideas?

    Again, thanks for all the work. Once this little wrinkle is sorted, KPilot will be my Palm sync software of choice.

  5. Hey @Chris! =:)

    Yes, that was a bug that we fixed in the latest version of KPilot. If you can install the KDE 4.3 rc packages for your distro, this should hopefully be fixed. =:) Please let me know!

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