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KPilot 4.2 Progress (woot!)


I spent a crapload of time this weekend, going through all the old and crufty KPilot bugs we’ve done a really horrible job of keeping up-to-date on, and triaged the bejeebers out of the list. I think we had ~ 150+ a few months ago. I went through the last 100 of them individually today, and was able to close out 93 of them, woot! A lot of them were problems that had been fixed in KDE 3.5.x, or had been directly addressed  more recently in our KDE 4.2 work, or had been indirectly fixed via our KDE 4.2 work. A lot of them were also the low-hanging fruit you’d expect with “it don’t work so good” and not much more to go on. But all told, we now have a very clean KPilot bugzilla bucket, with 12 open bugs (of which, 10 are wishlist items). We’re all set for the next onslaught of bugs from the upcoming KDE 4.2 release. =;D

I also did some more sync testing with KPilot today and am quite pleased with the results. Thanks to Bertjan’s excellent GSOC work from the last 2 years, we have a really solid syncing solution, and my confidence in it is only growing stronger, the more testing that I do.

So, with this little memento, and a renewed resolve to not be jealous of all the Camp KDE folks enjoying Jamaica whilst I spent 3 hours, shoveling snow today, I now turn in for the night.

KPilot Bug Fixing Mayhem!

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